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Sophie Turner shows off skater girl abs in Self gets bobbleheaded in Beijing

05.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I don't know if I'm more weirded out that the people of Bejing decided to gift Sophie Turner with a bobblehead doll of her character Jean Grey while at the press conference for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE or that director Bryan Singer, who was at the event with Turner and co-star Evan Peters, looks like he's 25 when in actuality he's 50. Shit, I knew being a Hollywood mover and shaker meant you had access to the best of the anti-aging good stuffs of the world but surely there must be a sacrifice to Odin in there somewhere.

he promotion for the latest X-MEN movie has been intense, with a lot of attention getting directed toward Sophie, the next fanboy favorite babe in the series outside of JLaw (sorry, Olivia, the fanboys are still fairly split on where they come down on you). This means that we're getting a lot of magazine photoshoots of Sansa Grey including the June 2016 issue of Self, where we see Sophie's hard work in the form of sexy skater girl abs. Now, if only someone could weigh in on whether she also indulges in other skater girl friendly activities...

Source: Got Celeb


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