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Sophie Turner ramps up the red for her Glamourous spread

06.30.2015by: Droz

If Sophie Turner looks a little more red here than normal, it's just for her role as Jean Grey in the currently filming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE out in Montreal, where Sophie was doing a little tight pants street-crossing in a little belly button shirt. Sophie also graces the cover of Glamour Mexico this month, looking a little more naturally redheaded. Seems like the Game of Thrones star has become a lightning rod for controversy lately. Previously she was the cute little redheaded sweetheart who everyone loved. Now it seems she's been transformed into either a feminist poster girl for TV violence against women, or a monument to supposedly criminal casting choices for Marvel movies. I don't know what happened there. Why are people freaking out about Sansa being assaulted? Everyone on that show gets assaulted. Remember when the same guy that rapes Sansa cut off that dude's junk? Where were the assault protests then?

As for people who have a problem with Sophie playing Jean Grey, you need to relax. Just like with the last X-MEN movie, they're going for a little cross-franchise boost. Aside from that, there's no reason to think than Sophie couldn't handle the role. She certainly looks the part. And it's not like Oscar caliber performances are the focus of these movies anyway. We're there to see some folks mutate in ways that allow them to do all sorts of cool shit as they try to kill each other. As long as Sophie gets her lines out in a reasonably true to life way, she'll be on par with most any other X-MEN movie performance.


Source: GlamourNSFW


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