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Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams keep it sisterly on and off screen

03.13.2017by: Droz

It only makes sense Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are so tight. As two of the surviving descendants of the House of Stark on Game of Thrones, they've essentially grown up together over the course of that shows now 7 seasons. The two of them were at SXSW this weekend, talking about the upcoming new season of the show and what lies in store for the series. My money is on a Mad King spin off in 2019 or 2020, but that's only speculation for now. What's not speculation is how much fun these two have when they're around each other. It's kind of fun to see and a little ironic, since their characters haven't seen each other since season 1. It's a nice thing to think these two will go on being sisterly long after the show is said and done. Obviously that sibling-like closeness works differently for women than men.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams bestiesSophie Turner and Maisie Williams bestiesSophie Turner and Maisie Williams besties

Yeah, the ladies definitely have more access than any heterosexual man would ever allow. Try cuddling up to your best friend or grabbing his package guys. See how long your friendship lasts after that. Probably not very long.

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