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Sophie Turner made the BAFTA red carpet her own personal leg & cleavage show

02.13.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Well hello there, Sansa. Sophie Turner ain't f*cking around when it comes to showing off that she's a full-fledged adult hottie and not that teenage girl we first met when Game of Thrones started killing off our favorite characters. In less than 2 weeks, Sophie will turn 21-years old, not as important of an age milestone in her native England but a turning point for a lot of American chicks who see it as an opportunity to go wild with the skin displays and this is on par with what I'd expect from any other Hollywood youngin', although most American ingenues don't wait until they're even the legal age of 18 to do so. Sophie was killing us all with all that tender pale leg flesh flashing as she walked the BAFTA red carpet with the kind of confidence reserved for much more seasoned ladies.

What I do love is that Turner seems to have finally loosened up the strings on her public personality, laughing and enjoying her time in the spotlight on the level of Jennifer Lawrence, perhaps the most animated red carpet walking celebrity out there. If it was the time spent with Jen when they made X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, I think we have yet another thing to thank our favorite cinematic heroine for. I certainly love the smiles on Sophie's face more than the pinched frowns & somber pouts she used to give us.

Source: Vanity Fair


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