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Sophie Turner looks hot despite her weird fashions

04.12.2016by: Droz

This thing Sophie Turner wore to the Game of Thrones season 6 press conference looks awfully uncomfortable. Reminds me of those tribeswomen who wear the rings around their necks. Fortunately the weirdness of her outfit didn't hurt the quality of her looks, nor the drawing power of those stems of hers. Girl overcomes all fashion eccentricities she might have in her younger years. Just check out how gorgeous she is in the equally perplexing spread below. Maybe I'm just used to her throwback attire on GoT. The two looks are pretty much oil and water, much like Sophie and her Sansa counterpart. Sophie's rather outspoken and wild, while Sansa is demure and frightened. I sure hope this changes in season 6. I'm tired of seeing Sansa getting shit on every season. She needs some payback, more than anyone else on that show. They need to stop f*cking around and give her what she needs.

Source: NSFW


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