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Sophie Turner likes her gorgeous red hair on the side

03.27.2015by: Droz

They've apparently let Sophie Turner take on the primary promotional duties for this upcoming season of GoT. I haven't seen anyone else from the cast do nearly as many interviews or appearances as Sophie has in recent weeks. I'm not complaining. Girl has really come into her own as a hottie lately. I'm pretty sure she knows it as well. I get a distinct sense that Sophie is quite satisfied with all the new attention she's getting. I suppose that's better than being horrified by it all. She's still pretty young, but what I can I say? She is lovely.

On the topic of GoT, or more specifically the Song of Ice and Fire book series that GoT is based on, I've been hearing renewed expressions of exasperation from friends who read those books. I've never gotten into them myself. The condensed version of the story we get with GoT suits me just fine. Yet from what I hear, George R. R. Martin is being exceptionally slow in producing more books in the series. So slow that the show is now going to apparently overtake the books and probably conclude the entire Westeros story before the last book comes out. The speculation is that all his new celebrity is interfering with George's ability to knuckle down and get those books wrote. Or maybe it's all the binge-watching he's doing. I read the other day that he just got done getting caught up on The Walking Dead. Meanwhile the book fans are tearing their hair out in frustration.

That puts a picture in my head of a crowd of rabid book fans screaming for George to finish his books from behind the gates bordering George's palatial estate. Yet even as they scream outside, somewhere in the main house you got George, kicking back in his deluxe Barcalounger with that goofy hat he wears, binge watching zombie shows on an 80-inch 4K TV he bought with his GoT royalties, voraciously inhaling bags of Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Meanwhile, his writing computer sits unused in a darkened corner as flecks of dust land on the keyboard. I don't know, I might feel differently if the books were my thing. But the thought of that just makes me laugh hysterically. Poor bastards.

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