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Sophie Turner is the reigning redhead in Town & Country

01.30.2015by: Droz

Town & Country magazine are attempting to capture some of that Game of Thrones look with their new spread featuring the lovely Sophie Turner. Thus the whole misty, vaguely English vibe happening with the locales and wardrobe. I suppose it's unlikely Sophie will ever be able to escape such associations - not until she manages to get herself cast in something bigger and better. Hard to imagine such a thing could happen, but she's young yet. Of course, for now she's pretty much synonymous with her Sansa Stark character, which seems to suit her based on what she says in the interview accompanying this spread in which she talks about her fondness for her alter ego. "There is a real connection between us I feel everything she feels." That's really gonna smart should they decide to put Sansa to the knife like pretty much all the other Starks. And since this is Game of Thrones we're talking about, eventually the topic of nude scenes came up. According to Sophie, "I know that if they took me in that direction, it would only be because it was very necessary."

That's not a no. Normally I'd find non-denials like that encouraging, but I don't know if I'm ready to see Sophie get naked yet. She just crossed the line into legality, but before that we spent 5 or so years watching her be a kid in constant danger. If she does take it off I'm gonna watch. I'm not an idiot. That's gonna be one conflicted boner though.

Source: Town & Country


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