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Sophie Turner is sticking with the blonde, for now anyway

12.29.2016by: Droz

It sucks we've got another 6 damn months to wait for a new season of Game of Thrones. Seems like a long time away, almost a year since the last episode of season 6 aired. I'm sure they'll squeeze every last ounce of anticipation out of that lengthened time span between GoT seasons. The real question is whether Sophie Turner will have gotten this blondeness thing out of her system before then. She seems fairly content to be without her long lost red locks. Could be she opts for the dreaded red wig for what's left of her time on the show. That would suck, but I have to admit Sophie hasn't lost much in the translation to blonde. She's still very lovely, as evidenced by these BTS pics of one of her recent photoshoots

The real, real question I'm sure many a Sophie fan is wondering about Season 7, is whether she will join this distinguished, NSFW lot in 2017? Stay tuned for that.

Source: NSFW


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