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Sophie Turner is ravishingly redheaded Instyle

03.06.2015by: Droz

It's almost that time, GoT fans. Time to see who's going to get bloodied, or banged, or banged then bloodied, or bloodied then banged. You never know on that show. It's also time to see how Sophie Turner and her newly womanized Sansa Stark character fares against Westeros' ruthless lot of throne admirers. From the look of things in the previews, they're really going all out for season 5. Should be good. Almost as good as Sophie's brilliant red hair looks in this Instyle spread. That's everything I love about redheads personified for you in 3 images, with the exception of freckles. But I can overlook those. Sophie is a majestic creature, that's for sure, though I admit to finding her Sansa character too much of a pampered schoolgirl for my tastes in previous GoT seasons. Either that or a shrinking violet, terrified of everything and everyone. She was one of those characters who I mostly of tolerated until the next Tyrion scene. I suspect I'll be paying more attention to Sophie's scenes this year - especially if she looks like she does here. 

Source: InStyle


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