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Sophie Turner is comfortable in sheer tank tops ... Good to know

07.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Some hotties are tough to peg. I was beginning to wonder what column we should add Sophie Turner's name to: prude, reserved, playful, tease, brazen, or exploitation queen? While that question can't officially be answered by these candid photos, my current suspicion that Sophie was more of the reserved type has been snuffed out by a bright spot of hope. Could it possibly be the searing redhead is more generous with views of her goods than previously thought? – Or was it pure negligence; not realizing that if the light catches it just right, even a black tank top is see-through? Still, she consciously decided to enter the urban landscape without her bra, something out of lockstep with her previous wardrobe choices which, besides providing unobstructed views of her awesome stems, are usually conservative. There's no good reason she should be wearing a bra anyway; that's one of the advantages of possessing such a beautiful pair of perkies. That, and she never has to worry about them sagging down to that sexy midrift, also seen in this set.

Source: ns4w


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