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Sophie Turner forgets what city and decade she's in, but remains hot anyway

05.04.2015by: Droz

Poor Sophie Turner. Being from England, she probably doesn't realize that it's kind of silly to be wearing a Chicago Bulls hat while walking around NYC. It's even sillier that she's got in on backwards. Then again, that look could be back in style again. The 90s nostalgia is in heavy rotation right now, so maybe I'm the one not in on the new old shit. Speaking as one of those misguided folks who did wear their hat backwards a lot back in the day, I can say that it looks just as goofy today as it did back then. Good thing for Sophie that she's got other things going for her, like that long, flame-like red hair and those thick thighs in tight jeans. Those are two things we don't get from Sophie on GoT nowadays. Sansa is all about the dark hair and full length dresses now. Another thing you don't get from her on GoT are smiles like those she's beaming out here. Of course, Sansa doesn't have a whole lot to smile about now that she's pledged to the batshit Ramsey. No telling what that psycho is going to do to her. I can only hope that Sansa eventually finds her smile as she stands over his bloodied corpse. I friggin' hate that guy.

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