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Sophie Turner finally turns up in a two-piece

04.19.2017by: No Cool Handle

Here's a rare treat for you: The great  Sophie Turner showing much of her smooth, creamy skin in a string bikini, whilst vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. The Game of Thrones co-star was photographed in one of those not-so-private bungalows; you know, in the kind of resorts that are well-known for booking A-list hotties who need a break from all of the hustle and bustle. It's for this reason the local foliage has become a hotbed of paparazzi activity – something Sophie Turner and her male companion were well aware of. The two love birds brought along their own pair of big-ass binoculars (cartoonishly big) to conduct a little bit of counter surveillance, however, I seriously doubt there was a bikini body on the other end comparable to that of Sophie Turner's. The images may be blurry, but there's enough clarity to get you charged up over all of that exposed flesh. Hopefully, she'll choose Miami Beach for her next getaway; the photographers camping out there always provide high resolution pics.

Source: NS4W


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