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Sophie Turner brings out her boobs again for the Frenchies

10.07.2016by: Droz

Sophie Turner is apparently still in the boobies showing off mood while making her way through crowds of adoring French fans at the close of Paris Fashion Week. Makes sense. France is the land of bared titties. One of their national symbols is a chick with her tits popped out, so there you go. Sophie didn't quite make it that far, I'm sorry to say. But she did let that neckline drop pretty far with this number she's got on, letting the bra stick out a little with a tight pants accompaniment. Not bad. And of course, it's Sophie. It's hard not to enjoy her. She hasn't gotten caught up in all that fame bullshit yet. Look at her, she's all playful and happy with her fans still. None of that "get out of my way, can't you see I'm famous" nonsense. Still down to earth is Sophie. I sure do hope she stays that way.

Source: NSFW


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