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Sophie Turner brings her leg show to a Game of Thrones photocall

06.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Everybody has their favorite moments from the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season six. While there are many to talk about, one of my favorites was when Littlefinger gave that slight grin amidst every other noble Northerner ushering in John's reign. Both himself and Sansa were the only two in that room who knew everything that transpired – that's including John's ascension from Bastard to 'The King in the North' – is all to the benefit of Lord Baelish. It's really his position that's strengthened, and fact that Sansa is capable of recognizing even the subtlest of power plays shows how hard she's become. This developing ability makes her one of the strongest pieces on the board. So it goes back in the realm of reality. Sophie Turner knows what Game of Thrones fans expect when they turn out to see her and responds accordingly. Here she is at a photocall in Spain, once again, serving up beautiful views of her near perfect legs. It's easy to see why Baelish wants her wrapped around his little finger.

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