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Sophie Turner acts silly, looks beautiful for Interview Germany

03.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I wonder how much the American Sophie Turner hates the British Sophie Turner right now. A few years back when Sophie, the actress from "Game of Thrones" was still too young for media to be gushing about, the Sophie best known for her plastic surgery lips and plump, round butt, was what popped up when you did a search engine inquiry. Now it's all about the redhead from the popular HBO series, with photoshoots starting to aim a bit higher in the babe department. This one from the German Interview magazine focused a bit on both - her obvious grown-up gorgeousness and her still youthful goofiness - all while throwing in a nearly crying shot. I fail to see what the appeal in photographing Turner with tears nearly escaping her eyes was but I'll roll with it. She's a thespian with goals, yo. Who would want to be the tortured Stark daughter forever?
Source: Got Celeb


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