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Sophie Simmons walks her fine ass down the red carpet at We Are X premiere

10.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

A hottie can come from the most unlikely of places, or in the case of Sophie Simmons, the most likely of places. I don't know if there's any statistical data to back up this claim but, it seems when you combine the DNA of a sex symbol like Shannon Tweed with that of a rock star, sex tornado like Gene Simmons, your odds of producing a take notice babe such as Sophie greatly increase. Here she is just five days after the release of that bare-assed, and totally f**kin' awesome, photo shoot, keeping the sexiness coming with a red carpet boob show. She showed up to the premiere of music documentary, WE ARE X, determined to leave a lasting impression – and that's exactly what she did. I know I said Sophie Simmons sprung from a likely place, but if you would have told me a few years ago I'd be Jonesing for pictures of Gene Simmons' daughter, well, I would have been skeptical. Yet, here I am with a fresh set of pictures and still eager to see what's next.

Source: Hawt Celeb


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