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Sophie Simmons uses social media in the correct way

12.28.2015by: Droz

One thing you quickly ascertain after spending a little time browsing through the myriad of hotties on the Instagram and the Snapchat and the rest, is that these social media outlets are essentially something hot women make use of in moments of boredom. There they are sitting at home with nothing to do. Or on location somewhere in between takes. Or on vacation with their phone in their hand and no one to text. Their thinking seems to be "well, there's nothing to do and no one to amuse me, so why not show off my tits to the whole goddamn planet." I can't argue with that modern day pastime. Just look at how well it has worked out for Sophie Simmons and her social media profile. We don't see nearly enough of Gene's hot little daughter in official circumstances, but there's a whole bunch of her circulating on social media. These pics also provide an impressive demonstration of how much weight Sophie has lost recently. She's wearing those bikinis quite well now. Good stuff.

Source: Instagram


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