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Sophie Simmons is the perfect kind of curvy model

09.29.2016by: Droz

Sophie Simmons recently crossed over from celebrity nepotism to something of a legitimate claim to fame when she was signed to the Wilhelmina modelling agency. Now you could argue she only got that because she's Gene's kid, but I like to think she has something to offer there that amounts to more than her daddy's pull. Sophie is the daughter of Shannon Tweed, after all. She's also big on the curvy model thing, which seems to be part of the reason why she's now repped by this agency. There are lots of ladies and curvy enthusiast dudes, like myself, who want to see a little more happening on the bodies of the ladies who model. Based on the pics Wilhelmina posted to Sophie's profile on their website, I'd say she has more than enough cred to stand tall there. Check them out below and see if you agree.

Source: Wilhelmina


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