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Sophie Simmons is as American as wet T-shirt pictures

07.24.2014by: Cherry Liquor

She's been battling the media in regards to her fuller figure but if that's going to be a battle, then Sophie Simmons, daughter of Kiss rocker Gene Simmons and model slash softcore actress Shannon Tweed, is winning. In her latest display of fuller figured awesomeness, Simmons was photographed by Aleks Kocev frolicking in a pool, much to our wet t-shirt loving delight.

But Sophie is more than a lusty, busty body. She's recently blogged on body image and her words are quite eloquent. "Like every girl my age, I diet to try to emulate these social media sirens. I juice, I cleanse, I starve and I workout like a mo-fo," Simmons wrote for World Lifestyle. "And here is what I've come up with. I will never have a thigh-gap or nymph like candid shots. I will never weigh 120lbs while being in good health. And honestly, other than being truly healthy, I don't care to try anymore.

"I will treat myself with respect and understanding. I will let myself eat cake if I want to and I will not scold myself. I will become aware of my body and what it wants. I will not (this is important) OVER indulge nor will I deprive myself. And don't even get me started on scales."

Sophie credits her mother for teaching her to embrace who she is and the body she inhabits. She's currently working on a book about body image that will be directed at young girls. "But usually I just tell everyone to 'suck it' because I'm pretty awesome. And you are too." I gotta say, I am inclined to agree emphatically with her.


Source: Egotastic


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