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Sophie Simmons has some curvy black and white sex appeal galore

03.02.2015by: Droz

Sophie Simmons has herself a provocative new spread in February's Galore magazine, wherein she brings all kinds of black and white sexy. I'm heartened by Sophie and the ease with which she seems to embrace that delightfully filled out frame of hers. Ladies who are comfortable in their own skin are so much more appealing than those who might choose to constantly fret over their appearance. She's a beautiful girl as well, though sometimes I'm surprised at how fond I am of her looks. After all, she does look an awful lot like her dad, Gene Simmons of Kiss fame. I admire Gene for being the legendary rock star and sexual conquest master he is. Can't say I find him in any way attractive though. Fortunately Sophie has a saving grace, which becomes clear a second after I spot her dad's features. That's when I star to notice more of what she gets from her mom in the looks category - her mom being the equally legendary sex goddess Shannon Tweed. Now there's a hottie I'm perfectly content to think about in relation to Sophie. So many beloved products of the sexual congress between rock stars and their hottie companions walking the Earth as we speak. I'm happy to add Sophie to that list. She is hot.  

Source: Galore


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