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Sophie Simmons fights human trafficking with the power of boobs

09.14.2016by: Droz

Fighting human trafficking sounds like a good thing. It's a terrible blight on our so-called modern civilization that such shit still goes down. Model and professional celebrity daughter Sophie Simmons found a great, if not unique way to bring attention to the fight against human trafficking by once again drawing attention to her tits at a gala in support of anti-trafficking causes. I'm sketchy on how that helps anything with the cause she supports, but good on her anyway. It's kind of hard not to pay attention to Sophie. She's pretty much dedicated to the idea of getting all eyes on her whenever possible, which I suppose makes her a great advocate for righteous causes. Even if her big tits don't have anything to do with trafficking, they get heads turning. And I guess that's better than no one paying attention at all.

Source: Superior Pics


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