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Sophie Simmons celebrates the curvy hotties with some see thru dress action

07.01.2016by: Droz

Now that Sophie Simmons is starting to gain notoriety as one of many burgeoning so-called "full figured" models, she's also predictably coming under fire from those who hate such women.

I don't understand this hate, but it does seem to run like a cancerous strain right through the heart of the internet and consists of all kinds of miserable assholes, pretty much all men, running around screaming their heads off about how terrible women like Sophie are for not conforming to what they deem acceptable in womanly appearance. These guys don't find anything beautiful in women, but they select women like Sophie as their targets for abuse because they're the easiest. Speaking as someone who grew up as a fat kid, I know full well how such pricks like to angle straight into the fat jokes, rather than have to work their minimal grey matter to find a more creative avenue of insult.

Me, I look at Sophie in her see thru dress here and find nothing but things I want to touch and grab and get to know on a far more intimate level. Although my one peeve with her is not how round her body is, but rather how similar she looks to her dad sometimes. I've known her to flash various expressions from time to time that seem to come straight out of a Kiss concert circa 1976. That does put a hurtin' on my ability to fully appreciate Sophie's great everything. Fortunately it doesn't take me long to get over those transient moments.

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