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Sophie Simmons brought her girls to the Girls premiere

02.03.2017by: Droz

Does it make me an asshole or a misogynist to say that I am so happy this is the last season of HBO's Girls? Too bad. This show just gets on my nerves. I usually enjoy HBO shows. They might not always be my thing, but they're usually watchable - some even enjoyable. But there's so little of Girls I was able to stomach. Clearly this show was not intended for the heterosexual male demographic. Just the opposite, really. About the only part I was able to get into was that scene with Allison Williams getting her ass eaten out. Truly an immersive experience.

I'm much more enthusiastic about how Sophie Simmons handles things. She knows what we want to see and how we want to see it. Unfortunately, Sophie has yet to let her girls out fully, but she's come pretty close. There's a positive thing Sophie might learn from Girls - don't be afraid to let your boobs come out. That's something they do a lot on that show. Well, at least Lena Dunham does. Sophie has a whole lot more to be proud of there than Lena does.

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