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Sophia Bush looked good from every angle at NBC's Upfront party

05.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The entertainment world needs to figure out something better for Sophia Bush to do other than mainstream basic cable scripted dramas. A booty like this:

shouldn't go to waste on that stuff. But for right now, "Chicago P.D." on NBC is the steady gig that Sophia has, which means that I'm never going to get to see her because all I really need is reruns of "Law & Order" to get the gist of what NBC is doing with their dramas. I blew my Bush wad too soon, getting strangely attached to her when she was in that shitty movie, JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, as that husky voiced granola girl with loose sexual morals. I miss that Sophia, although I suppose that I could hold out hope that HBO might pick her up in the future for some "True Detective" once she has some more of this cop show experience under her belt. The hot photoshoots and forever sexy red carpet appearances are killing me. Seriously, some one find something better for this lady to do. 

Source: Daily Mail


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