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Sophia Bush is ravishing in red for Today, innocent in white by night

10.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor
That nasty looking piece of pizza that Sophia Bush was snapped snacking on while in the green room at the Today Show on Tuesday apparently didn't tide over the "Chicago P.D." stars's appetite. She was pictured later in the evening in an equally form fitting dress as she went to dinner at Fresco in New York. I've always been a fan of Bush, what with her insanely gorgeous face and come-hither husky voice (she and Brittany Snow are the reasons why I will still watch the horrible JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE if it happens to be on TV) and honestly wish there was something better for her to do than formulaic NBC dramas. A seductress, second wife kinda role in an indie movie about a guy looking to get his rocks off while pining away for his first wife, leaving Sophia to do naughty things with whichever lucky soul is around for her to manipulate. Yeah, something like that.
Source: Daily Mail


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