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Sophia Bush is one tall order of cute little lawmaker

03.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
To me, Sophia Bush is hands down one of the most beautiful woman working in Hollywood right now. I just think it's a pity that I'd have to tune into a night-time drama on NBC to see her at work. Whether she's clocking regular time on her show "Chicago PD" or doing a guest spot in a cross-over episode with "Law & Order: SVU," Sophia still brings all of the gorgeousness to the set, clearly demonstrated in these on-set images. I just really wish that there were some other projects for her to take on so that I could drink in that sensuous husky voice of hers. I suppose rewatching that horrible JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE will have to suffice. I'll just have to stab myself through the ear with an ice pick so I'm mentally stable enough to handle the Jenny McCarthy scenes.
Source: Just Jared


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