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Sophia Bush has been hopping all around Washington DC being her cause headed self

01.24.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I used to follow Sophia Bush on Twitter. Why? Because I've always found her to be one of the hottest things walking on two feet and can't get over the rustic deep quality of her voice. I was hoping that she would be posting Instagram or whatever images of herself while she suntanned on the beach but it turned out that Sophia was always tweeting for a good cause. Like, A TON of good causes. Eventually, my feed was mostly Sophia telling me where to donate money, where to volunteer my time, where to buy a supportive bracelet or pendant or... it started feeling as if it was an infomercial feed.

I no longer follow her on that site but I do keep tabs on what she's doing because it typically means she's out looking sensational and smiling that big smile of hers. The first stop in DC was to hit up Leading Women in Washington where she was joined by other sensational hotties, Rosario Dawson and the simply lovely Kerry Washington. Then Sophia packed up and headed over to Our Time Inaugural Ball where I'll spare you the image of John Mayer and Katy Perry all tuxed and dressed up but looking like white-eyed zombies from the poor image quality. Heading over to an event held by Planned Parenthood, something of an offshoot of "Rock the Vote" that they were calling "Plan to Rock."

As an interesting sidenote, the bar at the final event was covered in items for people to take advantage of - pieces of chocolate and condoms. Whether or not they were chocolate-dipped condoms, I do not know and while it would be easier to assume not, I still find that mental image tantalizing.


Source: Huffington Post


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