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I'd gladly make any trip if a wet haired Sophia Bush was the destination

03.02.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Sophia Bush is one of those hotties that I only found through working for this website. I've never seen ONE TREE HILL or JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE or really anything that she's in, but based off of completely superficial things like how pretty she is and how my tummy kind of hurts whenever I look into her eyes, I like her. Perhaps I should go down to the local Big Lots and search through their dollar DVD's to see this gal in motion. Until that exciting moment of my life happens though, I'll just enjoy the pictures that I've come across today. Here we have a photoshoot from something called Destination magazine. While there's no real intense nudity or anything, we do get a classy and sophisticated series of pics of the gal hanging out in a bathtub and looking outside and being generally cute and adorable. Alright, maybe I will go get JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE. I had no idea a girl-on-girl smooch was in there. Ta-ta! 

Source: Celebmafia


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