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Sommer Ray's got a lot of ass to give

01.18.2017by: No Cool Handle

With all of the gigantic asses taking up space on Instagram, so many of dem bulging back ends start to blend together. That's not the case with Sommer Ray, though; Sommer's be the kind of rare rump that's truly distinguishable from all of the rest. By the time you're done looking through the endless catalog of her cakes – endless angles, endless videos and endless selfies, all of her ass – you'll be able to pick it out a lineup comprised of 100 different hotties. One day, Sommer will be a 50-year-old woman, pondering her place and purpose in the world. When she finally gets around to reflecting on her sexiest years she'll soon come to realize, taking an obscene amount of ass pics has been her life's work. In fact, I've never met anyone – and I'm including myself – who is as obsessed with booty as Sommer Ray. Those mounds of flesh define her, are her claim to fame and she'd be lost without them.

Source: Instagram


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