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Something about alien invasions makes Amy Adams want to bring the boobage

10.11.2016by: Droz

Amy Adams continues her cleavage world tour in support of her movie ARRIVAL, this time rocking the serious sideboob for the Brits at the London Film Festival screening of her new sci-fi thriller. I don't recall ever seeing Amy so boob happy before. It could be her excitement over her movie parlayed into sexy displays for you and me. Or maybe she's just excited at the prospect of holding her nearly bared breasts close to Jeremy Renner so often. I hear the ladies do enjoy them some Hawkeye. I know mine is quite taken with him. I suppose her motivations don't really matter. It's just nice to see Amy making her girls the star of the show. She can keep this titty tour going for as long as she likes. We'll be here to document the results at every stop.

Source: NSFW


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