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Someone Smack Her

05.21.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Denise Richards is a dumb bitch. I'm sorry, I know she was hot back in the day and I watched WILD THINGS just to see her swap spit with Neve Campbell and show off her previously bouncy and fantastic rack. But she made the idiotic decision to marry Charlie Sheen and spawn with him after knowing all about his drug and whore filled past. That, my friends, would have only really made her an ignorant bitch.

But after breaking off their marriage in the middle of her second pregnancy, then taking him back briefly, then going through an ugly and pathetic divorce in front of the paps' cameras, then dating the ex-husband of her supposed good friend (remember when Denise thought she was in love with Ritchie Sambora?), to now creating a reality show thinking that there would be more than 2 dozen people interested in watching it, she did what no mother in her position should do: she put her kids in front of the camera with her.

Out promoting the show today, Richards ended up on "The View," a show that I hear about in aftereffect and not because I actually watch it, I swear. The greatest moment came when Whoopi called her out for having her children appear on the show with her, even though the dumb bimbo kept saying how keeping her children "safe" was her life's biggest priority. Denise Richards, congrats on being my "What the f*ck?" Wednesday moment. As in... what the f*ck is in your skull, Play-doh?

Source: DListed


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