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Someone help me, because I can't seem to stop making Jennifer Lawrence posts

11.12.2015by: Droz

Well, at least it's not something to do with a HUNGER GAMES premiere this time. Although if you want more of that, here's a shot of her in yet another sexy dress while out and about in Madrid.

Jennifer Lawrence Madrid Boobs

Nah, this time it's all about her Vogue spread, in which the HUNGER GAMES star spends her time riding her steed around the high chaparral and dressing way too nicely for her surroundings. Of course this is all about having arrived at that time of year when the media as a whole simply cannot avoid felating Jen whenever she gives us an opportunity to do so. She is probably the biggest thing in all of Hollywood right now and this is her time to shine. What's that figure Forbes came up with for her latest paydays? $52 mil? Money she makes by starring in some of the biggest movie franchises ever and award-winning films? There's a lot to celebrate there. More than that though is the fact that she accomplishes all this as a 25-year-old mega hottie. That's pretty much the American dream right there. Be young, hot, rich, famous, and beloved. She could go live on a desert island at this point. I certainly hope she doesn't though. Who would I make constant posts about then?

Source: Vogue


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