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Some Zoey Deutch side boob may be a taste of things to come

09.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Don't let Zoey Deutch and her wholesome façade fool you. Beneath that virtuous exterior may lay a brazen exhibitionist just waiting to be freed. Up until her arrival at some Chanel fragrance release party, I would have pegged Zoey as one of those hotties who would never, under any circumstance, be filmed or photographed in a state of disrobe. Now that she's given us a good look at 35% of her unsupported boob – specifically, the side – the possibility of seeing the other 65% is now a reasonable expectation. I'll take a little bit of hope over no hope at all. I thought [that] playing the love interest in a movie titled  EVERYBODY WANTS SOME may yield sexy results, but her role is that of the purest college girl amongst a sea of permissive coeds – basically, I thought wrong. That dark void of disappointment now sees a glimmer of light; in that light, a silhouetted Zoey Deutch, bare and beautiful.

Source: Got Celeb


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