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Some nice shots of Katharine McPhee in a totally see-through top

01.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

If Miami beach is the spot all the hotties go to don their bikinis during the Winter season, The Nice Guy restaurant is the choice spot for fine dining; all year round. Almost every time I see some sexy celeb out for a night on the town, this West Hollywood establishment is the place they hit up. If you see pictures of a celebrity female wearing a sexy outfit at night, chances are they're either entering or leaving The Nice Guy. And they wear the sexiest attire - like Katharine McPhee in this photo set. Why not just wear your bra? That top ain't concealing a damn thing, but this is the kind of racy stuff they sport when eating here. I'm starting to think something else is going down at this place ... I'm talking Eyes Wide Shut type of shit. Once you get past the façade and whisper to the man behind the kitchen door: sticky seat - you're escorted to the upper levels where the real eating takes place.

Source: Got Celeb


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