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Krysten Ritter in a bikini may have you Jonesing for more

05.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

Krysten Ritter tucked her tight little tush into a two-piece and hit the beaches of Mexico. During this time, some privacy pirate consider this as an opportunity to fill up their SD card with pictures of her leisurely activities. It didn't seem to bother her one bit; taking a moment to flash an approving grin towards the camera is a strong indication of her approval. I love a hottie who's also a good sport. What's the point of being young, sexy and half naked if nobody's there to notice, right? This characteristic runs parallel to her television alter ego, JESSICA JONES. Another tried and true feminist, embracing her sexuality as something to be marveled over, although, Jessica would have given a quick flash. It makes me wonder if, like her dramatis personae: will she be spending her evenings on vacation, seducing burly bartenders with her super-box?

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