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Some classy Kate Upton photos to prove she's more than just a pair of boobs

03.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

Every once in a while it's nice to omit the low hanging fruit like ass and titties from my observations and focus on the other things that make women such fascinating creatures. Give me a minute; I'll think of something... Check out the massive... shit, there I go again. Oh, see how pretty Kate Upton looks in a sundress that matches her wallpaper? I'm forever grateful to the folks at V for bringing to my attention, the more restrained way of inducing lustful fantasies. Up until now, I didn't even realize this classy broad had a head. The photo of her on some grass plot, mid-crab position is particularly inspiring. It brings to light scenarios I wouldn't have thought of, like: doing outdoor "stuff" with her while she desperately tries to avoid putting her bottom down in a fire ant hill - see, I didn't say ASS! Now if you'll excuse me; I'm late for my feminist sensitivity workshop.

Source: V Magazine


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