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Sofia Vergara's vanity is fairly justified

04.08.2015by: Droz

Sofia Vergara has herself a sexy little spread in this month's Vanity Fair. That's not an altogether unexpected thing for the Modern Family hottie. Girl has made her bones giving dudes boners with that busty body of hers. I'm kind of wishing I were a little yappy dog right now. Imagine all the things that fur ball has seen of Sofia in more private moments. Her Vanity Fair interview details some of the so-called struggles she has to contend with in being a big titty hottie, namely gravity's sometimes uncomfortable pull on those bigguns of hers as well as the difficulties that come with trying to find support garments to fit a 32F bust size.

I suppose the fascination factor for the big titty owner is somewhat less than with the big titty admirer. Where we might yearn for just one chance to get a handful of those beauties, they get titty handfuls all the time as they constantly shift and pull and press to get them in the proper position. In that sense, Sofia's struggle with her huge tits is not unlike the constant adjustments guys have to make to their balls. The only difference being the mostly non-existent population of females interested in watching us shift our junk to a more comfortable position.

Source: Vanity Fair


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