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Sofia Vergara's Diet Pepsi Commercial

04.20.2011by: Droz

A few weeks ago we featured some BTS shots of Sofia Vergara on the set of her Diet Pepsi commercial, wearing a one-piece that pushed her out in all the right places. Now we have the finished product and I have to say that I prefer the BTS shots. What a waste of a hottie in a bathing suit. 30 seconds of runtime and only a couple with a decent shot of the goods? I know they have to keep it somewhat family friendly, but at least have her bend over a couple times the way she was doing in between takes. And hows about capturing that bending over from a few different angles, so we get a good view of the front and the back. She can hold a can of Pepsi while she does it, if it makes you feel better.

Come on people. Think bigger.


Drool Back
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