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Sofia Vergara in a dress that outlined every awesome curve

06.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

When looking at an inhumanly hot actress like Sophia Vergara, the last thing you want to be is reminded of – by her hunk of a boy toy, photobombing half the damn images – what you have to look like in order to land a curvaceous Latina such as herself. Although, in this instance, I don't mind so much. Joe Manganiello is a respectable dude. I can't figure out why no one has yet to give this guy a shot at carrying an action movie. He doesn't come off as your typical waxed chest douche bag, but the kind of macho behemoth of the 80s action cinema persuasion (this guy should be helping five other musclebound heroes setting tree-trunk traps in the new PREDATOR movie). So, if someone besides myself has to be the one lucky enough to bed her down, I suppose I can live with it being good old Joe. That is one tantalizing gown she's rockin'. All I can think of when I look at it is how freaking great it would be to explore every inch of Ms. Vergara's amazing terrain. I'd have to do around 42m push ups and undergo extensive facial reconstruction surgery for that to happen, though.

Source: Got Celeb


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