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Sofia Vergara holding phallic awards on the red carpet is great comedy

01.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor
While I do love Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, I have to wonder if the people over at the People's Choice Awards had an easier decision to make her the winner of Favorite Comedic TV Actress just to see what their glass award would look like her in hands, especially when everyone knows that she loves to wear low-cut gowns on the red carpet. I can't blame them, since it does look good right next to that famous cleavage, but it does provide one a bit of a giggle. As for Vergara's impact on her co-stars, she provides more than just laughter. In the current issue of Self magazine, Ariel Winter talks about what a great support system the actress was for her when she hit puberty hard and fast. "I had a great role model in Sofia growing up, with her being a curvy woman that was super proud of who she was and what she looked like. She could see that I was struggling a little bit with how to deal with my body and was always trying to give me advice, like, 'Here are some brands that would look good on our body type' or 'Wear whatever you want and feel good about yourself.'" Unlike Ariel, however, Sofia made the decision to not downsize her chest, which makes me wonder just how much less confidence she would have showing off as she has been this past year.
Source: Daily Mail


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