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Sofia Richie shows a talent for snake charming in Complex

12.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here we have Sofia Richie, 18 years old, stripped down and greased up to the point she looks as slippery as the serpents being fondling. Bravo! Normally I'd drop a few nuggets of information to better acquaint the unfamiliar, but her celebrity entanglements include undesirables like Justin Bieber – names like that lead to the kind of gossip I have no interest in engaging in. What I can tell you is she's the daughter of Lionel Richie, obviously, she's good buds with Nicola Peltz, she's not shy and she photographs well. Did I mention she has no fear of snakes? You can't help but wonder how daddy feels about his little girl celebrating her barely legal status with a set of seriously suggestive imagery. Not even old enough to drink, yet, dropping some sexy napalm like this on an unsuspecting population. This is another example of celebrity offspring wasting no time getting into the business of exploitation; something touched upon in Josie Canseco's bare-breasted debut. They grow up so fast, don't they?

Source: Complex


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