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Sofia Boutella was beyond hot at the London premiere of Star Trek

07.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I knew this chick was only going to keep getting hotter. After bursting onto the scene as the razor-footed Gazelle, Sofia Boutella became very hot property that everyone wanted to get their hands on. Sofia had a couple of dance oriented movies on her resume before booking the big budget role in Matthew Vaughn's spy flick, where she clearly gets that fluid elegance to her body, which she put on display in London for the premiere of STAR TREK BEYOND in a see-through lacy gown, one of the best trends in fashion right now. The lace is a bit of an optical illusion, definitely not giving proper justice to her exceptional body, which was previously seen on London streets in a completely different manner. Boutella is currently filming Tom Cruise's reboot of THE MUMMY franchise, where good ol' Tommy Boy has decided to capitalize on his monster's sexuality. That Lycra mummy wrap Sofia was wearing did a far superior job of highlighting how fit this Algerian beauty is. But just as nice as it is to look at her, that accent of hers is legendary. So long as Cruise keeps his hands off of her off-screen, I'm guessing she's going to go very far.

Source: Mirror


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