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Soccer wife Ludivine Sagna provides Miami beach with views of her toned body

07.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's hard to truly stand out because of a toned bikini body on the beaches of Miami. It's a haven for insecure hotties who have to show off how genetically blessed they truly are, and at the same time, pretend they find it distasteful when their privacy is being intruded upon. Normally it's not the body but the name that causes one to take notice. This makes soccer wife Ludivine Sagna a truly hidden gem, one hiding in plain sight, that is. With nothing else to go on but a perfect example of what a "body made for sin" looks like, the spouse of French footballer Bacary Sagna stepped out onto the coastal shoreline and provided the other beachgoers with a jaw-dropping example of sexiness. These depictions of one seriously hot female will have young men everywhere practicing their step-overs, scissors and drags in hopes that their soccer skills will catch the eye of a hottie like Ludivine. If ever there was a reason to pursue a career in kicking balls into nets, she's it.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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