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05.28.2008by: Cherry Liquor

George Clooney must be gay. Seriously. I don't care how famous you are or how much pussy your good looks afford you, at some point you have to look over at the hot bitch next to you and realize that you've got more grey in your pubes than is humanly normal and thank the gods and goddesses that there's still women interested in climbing to the top of Mount Semi-Hard.

Eh... what the hell am I talking about? George probably still rocks in the sack (even if meds are required to do so) and he had good reason to kick his main squeeze Sarah Larson to the curb. Too little suction on the head and not enough playing with the balls or something. Because it's well documented how much Clooney loves playing with balls (he regularly was seen playing basketball with his co-stars from "ER").

Anyhow... George and Sarah are no mo'. Which must mean that E! is gearing up to offer her a docu-reality series or the next hosting gig of "Wild On!" We'll have to wait and see if she can come up with better mud-slinging comments than Denise Richards. Me, I'm just hoping for a nude spread in any magazine willing to pay her to do it. Woman is fine.

Extra Tidbit: Larson competed on an episode of Fear Factor, when they were doing the Las Vegas couples. Somehow, I can't imagine her eating bugs or lying in a vat of snakes.
Source: In Touch


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