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07.28.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I wonder if they're going to use this information in order to launch yet another reality series. Knowing Ryan Seacrest (even though I wish I didn't), it probably will. Kim Kardashian and her special man Reggie Bush have called it quits, even though just last May she was talking about marriage. The rumour leading up to the split is that the pair rarely see each other between both of their demanding schedules. Uh-huh. The most f*cked up part of this to me is that when they were together, for red carpets and their GQ spread they did, the two actually complemented each other, at least physically. They looked like a good couple.

Kim has a movie due out later this year called DEEP IN THE VALLEY where she's starring alongside Anna Faris' beard, Chris Pratt. While stating that the two are both stars (Kardashian's role appears minimal), the concept of the movie is intriguing to me. It's about a video booth that two friends step into and end up transported to an alternate universe where porn reality IS reality. Scary thought. Yeah... really scary.

Source: Celebrity Snap


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