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Shia LeBeouf goes down on Kate Mara on the Toronto Film Festival red carpet

09.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Of course I'm being deliberately cheeky with the title of this article in order to figure out where everyone's mindset is when it comes to vague references to the title of their new movie, MAN DOWN. Even though Shia LeBeouf would probably egg himself on with a "Just Do It!!!" chant, I still think that the lovely people of Toronto would have frowned on actual oral stimulation in public. Still, it appears that whatever left Shia doubled over had Kate Mara giggling as well and I like it when that girl is happy. A lot of the time that we see her on the red carpet she's staring vacantly and looking as if she wants to tear her own skin off in order to ditch the event or she's mildly smiling in that bland, bored way. If she's worried about us forgiving her for FANTASTIC FOUR, she needn't worry. The film also co-stars Jai Courtney, who was just as big of a box office disappointment this summer with the poor turnout for TERMINATOR: GENISYS. I gotta disagree with the fanboy consensus that Hollywood should stop trying to make Courtney a thing: I could eat that man on an unsalted cracker and call it a night. Talk about going down...
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