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She's Only 24!

06.23.2010by: Cherry Liquor
I thought I would do this for shits and giggles since I've recently been going over a lot of actresses and other "celebs" and noticed a familiar something popping up over and over again. Apparently, 1986 was a very good year to be born. Granted, some of these chicks can still be referred to as being only 23 years old, considering that it's still June and we have a lot of year left ahead of us, but I thought that it would be fun to look over those who are all '86 babies and think about what a lifestyle can do to a chick. (That is, if they're being legit about their ages.) Again, there is no real point to this other than to satisfy my own desire to organize in a really weird way.

24 & Can Act Babes

Gemma Arterton

Kat Dennings

Olivia Thirlby

24 & Need To Act More Babes

Brittany Snow

Lea Michele

Jessica Stroup

24 & Such Hot Babes

Leighton Meester

Emmy Rossum

Camilla Belle

24 & Born Into It Babes

Katie Cassidy

Briana Evigan

24 & "Retired" Babe

Amanda Bynes

24 & Should Never Retire Babe

Amber Heard

24 & Not So Real Reality Babes

Lauren Conrad

Heidi Montag

Stephanie Pratt

They Don't Look 24 Babes

Lindsay Lohan

Lady Gaga

Mischa Barton

24 & Over? Babe

Megan Fox

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