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Shera Kerienski gives us a reason to follow YouTube fashion channels

12.16.2016by: Droz

I'm gonna take us a little off the reservation for a bit by showcasing the awesome thickness of YouTuber Shera Kerienski. Chances are you've never heard of her. I know I hadn't before these pics made their way to me. It's a forgivable oversight. For one thing, she does videos about fashion and makeup and shit. Right there she moves completely out of my bailiwick. She's also French and thus presents her various tips and tricks for fashion in that language. Not being a French speaker, she and I once again find ourselves outside of the other's area. It's only when Shera throws on a bikini and hits the beach that a dialogue can be reached between us. This is communication via the ancient and easily understood international language of awesome asses. They say everything you need to say with little to no distortion. Now I'd very much like to speak with Shera at length using that dialogue. Perhaps you too would like to get in on that conversation.

Source: Kayuty


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