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Shay Mitchell Vanity Fair Young Hollywood FIAT celebration

02.19.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I suppose during all the hustle and bustle of including Kelly, Emily and Suki in one article, I accidentally forgot to include one very important hottie. It's something that I honestly feel pretty badly about, but hopefully I can rectify that situation now by including said hottie. I'm talking of course about Shay Mitchell, who's been growing on me quite a bit over the last few months. Here she is at that same Vanity Fair and FIAT Celebration of Young Hollywood thing and to be perfectly honest, I gotta say that she's looking better than the ladies I wrote about yesterday. The dress that exposes her perfect cleavage, wide eyes, bright red lips and long brunette hair is something that's pretty much driving me crazy. So, sorry about the lack of mention, Shay. Please love me. Please! 

Source: NS4W


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