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Shay Mitchell sparkles for her BaubleBar jewelry collection

09.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

No one out there would call an entrancing hotties like Shay Mitchell a diamond in the rough or a hidden gem – there's no rough exterior nor concealed beauty to speak of. It's a shame because either one of those descriptions would've made a nice lead-in to her latest collection of jewelry for BaubleBar. This is one of those scenarios where the model is shinier than any of the trinkets she's touting, to the point where all those rhinestones, gold bans and sparkling gems are hardly noticeable. I'd be curious to know if it truly helps or hurts to deter attention away from what you're trying to sell. They can dangle all of the flashy chokers and extravagant bracelets in front of me they want, I wouldn't trade a romantic evening with Shay Mitchell for all of King Midas' silver.


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